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CALL FOR ENTRIES -- ERIATA ORIBHABOR POETRY PRIZE 2016Words Rhymes & Rhythm Publishers (WRR Ltd) and Something for Everybody Ventures (SFEV) have announced the call for entries to the 2016 edition of the annual Eriata Oribhabor Poetry Prize (EOPP).

The Prize, which started in 2012, is in its fifth year. Participating poets must be Nigerians resident in any part of the world.

Announcing the call for entries at a press briefing in Abuja, on Monday 18thof July, the Chief Executive Officer, Words Rhymes & Rhythm, Kukogho Iruesiri Samson, said the prize is dedicated to promoting literary excellence in Nigeria.

A total of N80,000 cash will be awarded to the winners – N50,000 for the Winner, N20,000 for the First Runner-up and N10,000 for the Second Runner-up, he revealed.

“The underlying idea of this Prize is to engage Nigerian young poets creatively, thereby empowering them to develop their creativity towards literary excellence,” he said.

He also revealed…

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10 Advantages of Women’s Education

the RIGHT!

  • Women who are educated – are more able to influence their future
  • Women who are educated are able to reduce poverty
  • Women who are educated – reduce the risk of child mortality
  • Women who are educated – are 50% more likely to have their child immunized
  • Women who are educated are less likely to be taken advantage of; less likely to contract HIV/AIDS
  • Women who are educated are less likely to become victims of domestic or sexual abuse.
  • Women who are educated – reduce corruption and change the conditions that lead to terrorism
  • Women who are educated – are better equipped to contribute to the family income
  • Women who are educated –  are healthier and tend to have greater self esteem and self confidence
  • Women who are educated –  help contribute and prosper their community

And most importantly,

  • Women who are educated see the potential and need…

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The future you want… Self Discipline. 

Its not easy bring self-disciplined. That I know. But making the decision to be is a fruitful one

The Exceptional Teen

​I woke up this morning tired and sore. “Ooohm! Its monday,” I murmurred. Not that I didn’t know. I just wanted to lie in bed for a while. Its 6.15am and I should be at work by 7am but really I also had a choice. I just needed to put a call through and gbam! I can sleep till 7am.

You see, I covered for my colleague by 7am though my official resumption time was 8am. Anyday, I can’t make it by that time, I’ll just let him know and that is whenever I travelled.

But this monday was different. I had a choice. Sleep in or go to work at 7. Mehn! It was a tough one.

Guess what? I left my bed. I figured out if I left the bed and moved to the bathroom, I’d be fine. I didn’t get fine like right now but I felt…

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To be or not to be. That was the question that bothered the mind of Young Hamlet in the day of Shakespeare. It is a question which has lingered in our hearts for centuries without an answer. But it is not our problem today. Today the question is – has it been or has it not. Students’ rights: a myth or a reality?

Ladies and gentlemen, speaking is Adebajo Adekunle Adefisayo, a representative of the faculty of law here to dance with my lips to the melodious question – student rights: a myth or a reality. Do students really have freedoms? And if they do, do they have them merely by a stretch of imagination or in the actual recognition of our dear nation?

You may ask – what do we…

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A God Who Provides

Medical Assistance & Missional Outreach

I like numbers. I especially like numbers when they deal with money. I like to control those numbers as much as I possibly can. It makes me a very dedicated and excellent treasurer. However not being able to completely control those numbers raises my anxiety through the roof. I need to know not only where my money is going, but where it is coming from as well.

Translating from my personal life to my life as the treasurer for MAMO, it works well. However, we don’t have a steady income stream yet, and it’s been awhile since we’ve gotten a donation.  When the expenses are beginning to pile up, I tend to get a little stressed out. Ok, so a little stressed is an understatement. I panic. Full out panic. I run over numbers, and try to stress to other members that we just don’t have the money and start…

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Worth the Price

Wow! This is so true. Its easy to follow Jesus when its all about the gain. I do pray I can pay the price in order to follow him with body, soul and spirit

Medical Assistance & Missional Outreach

babiesFrom our Treasurer Krys Brown:

I had waited 23 years for this exact moment. As we started our decent into Entebbe, I looked out the window and became overly excited. I’m here! I’m here! I’m here! It was my first time in Uganda and I was going to soak up every single moment of it. The little 5-year-old girl inside of me that first tried to walk to Africa was jumping with excitement. I was finally here.

My excitement didn’t lessen the rest of the trip. Every time we would do something, no matter how mundane, all I could think was I’m brushing my teeth…in Uganda! I’m drinking a soda…in Uganda! I’m stuck in traffic…in Uganda! We visited schools and got the missionary we were traveling with settled in her new home. We went shopping (my favorite) and got to do fun things as well, like see the exact spot…

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